Attempting Vienna’s biggest schnitzel at Figmuller

Nothing quite says Austria like a schnitzel bigger than your plate.

The Plan: Eat a lunch at Figmuller that was so big that we won’t need dinner

(Reality: Going out for ribs for dinner later anyway)

I have never been so close to exploding.

Figlmuller is a restaurant famous for it’s giant schnitzel and traditional Austrian cuisine. I’ve heard its often packed with tourist but but it was quiet when we went. The food was yummy and inexpensive, which was the extent of my culinary criteria as I’d chewed through most of my travel budget already.

You probably shouldn’t eat breakfast beforehand and you won’t want to eat dinner afterwards, not that it stopped me. Read more about that mistake here.

3 thoughts on “Attempting Vienna’s biggest schnitzel at Figmuller

  1. This is spooky. We were there the night before and it was packed. We had the plate of schnitzel too of course. They have a second restaurant just down the lane and were diverting people there. Also enjoyed the wine in a mug!

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