Cutting out the middle man in Amsterdam

Burgers… from a vending machine?

Feebo is a popular chain in Amsterdam that takes fast food that one step further. It’s for those times ( in Amsterdam) when you just aren’t feeling up to talking to people about complex topics as ordering a burger. Instead, head into a Feebo, spot your prize, throw down a few coins and the little door for your burger pops open. There’s a kitchen behind the machine-wall, keeping it stocked with fresh burgers. Or as fresh as fast food gets anyway.

As far as fast-food burgers go, they weren’t bad. If you’re feeling particularly social and coherent, you can order ( from a human being!) chips with the customary mayonnaise.  I expected it to be a sickening combination but it seems the Dutch know what they’re doing! It was pretty yum, but I’m glad it was a once off – as if hot chips aren’t bad enough for you on their own!

We stumbled into Feebo after a morning of visiting some of Amsterdam’s museums, including Anne Frank’s house. I didn’t take photos because it just didn’t feel right, but I highly recommend visiting it. Not only is the history behind the house remarkably moving, but the house itself is architecturally quite odd. It’s very tall and narrow, with lots of ladder-like stair cases. The curators have done an awesome job of preserving the story of the house and it still holds a slightly sad ambience.

We left Amsterdam just in time, only days before the cold snap when the canal froze over. Needless to say, in the days we were there in the  lead-up to the cold snap it was pretty bloody cold! Being a wimpy, heat-seeking Queenslander I was definitely feeling the frostiness! It was still very beautiful though and it is true when people say that the light is different in Amsterdam. Everything looks beautiful.  I’d love to see it in spring or summer ( or autumn) and have more of a chance to enjoy walking around. Just please don’t take me back in the middle of winter!

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