Locked in the city love on the Pont des Art

With the ability to simultaneously make some swoon and others sick, the Pont Des Arts in Paris certainly makes a statement.  Only a stone’s throw from Notre Dame, I was  surprised at how long it took me to find it. Paris is funny like that. Nothing is ever where you think it is and then suddenly, you’re there. Despite not having a single romantically inclined bone in my body at the time, even I had to admit it has a certain charm.

Pont des Arts Paris

How does it work? As it turns out, it’s quite simple to announce your everlasting love to the world. Grab a lock, mark it with the name of you and your lover and lock it on wherever you can find a free space. If you can’t, better luck next time round – the Parisian government removes them all periodically to free up some space. It’s a bit of a shame, but if they didn’t, no doubt others would be hacking off locks for a piece of that prime bridgey real estate. It would be wise to grab a photo while it’s on there.

It’s a huge sop-fest but I love it. I love the diversity of the couples (or groups!) represented. It has inspired copycat bridges all around Europe, particularly in France and Italy, but few have as many locks. Or as good a view.

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  1. Hi Genevieve, I love these “locks of love,” and they keep popping up when I least expect it. Our most recent spottings were in Helsinki and Riga. They are so cool! Thanks for the great post. All the best, Terri

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