Treasure hunting at the antique markets in Nice

Back home, the best markets are usually reserved for the weekend. In Nice, even markets on a Monday are a shopping mecca! If only I had an empty suitcase and an overflowing bank account to visit them with. Row after row of cute, brightly coloured striped awnings shade stall after stall of treasures. The market specialised in costume jewellery, art, furniture and homewares. For fellow magpies, attracted to all things shiny and pretty, these markets are sensory overload.


In the photo is my travel buddy, the wonderful Claire. Nice was a refreshing change from the freezing European winter.  While it was  cold everywhere else, Nice was blue skies and sunshine. We wandered around the markets for a little while but I wish we could have lingered a little longer. I got my little sister an amber ring and a little gold elephant brooch for myself.  I don’t usually wear brooches, but the little elephant was so cute I couldn’t resist!

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