The food coma continues in Vienna

After this meal, we could hardly walk home. We’d devoured Austria’s famous giant schnitzel at lunch and we found ourself at a Viennese ribs joint for dinner.  We had the brilliant idea of eating a big lunch so we wouldn’t need to waste time or money eating dinner. It was our last night in Austria and we were easily convinced to eat at an Austrian steakhouse that did mouth-wateringly delicious ribs.

They were delicious. How I managed to find the two biggest meals I’ve ever eaten in my entire life in the same day, less than 6 hours apart, I’ll never know.

I’d never had ribs before because I’m not a big fan of red meat and I thought they sounded messy and bland. Yes, it was a huge mess but they were amazing and I loved every minute of it. Everyone got them and the conversation slowed as we went into a food frenzy over our ribs, creating a giant plate of bones in the middle of the table until we couldn’t eat any more. I imagine this is what it would have been like eating if you were part of the Lion King.

We had delicious pineapple mocktails which left me thinking about how alcohol ruins a nice drink. Unfortunately, this moment of truth has had little to no impact on my cocktail consumption.

The restaurant was connected to a huge pool room with about six tables and I was nervous as I’m a shocking pool player. Luckily, I found someone who may actually share the title of Worst Pool Player in Australia with me. We  couldn’t decide who was worse but our poor form kept others amused initially until they grew tired of how frustratingly bad we were that they took pity on us and gave us some pointers. “You’re just not learning from your mistakes! I can’t watch any more! This is how its done.”

There was a carpark the size of a small country between the restaurant and our hotel. We found an abandoned stroller which we used (okay, I used) as a more fitting form of transport for someone who was still in a food coma. I have no idea how a tiny but mighty friend  pushed me through the entire car park. We left it at the other end of the car park because we’re not thieves, just very lazy (Okay, I’m just very lazy).

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