Classic cars & Relaxing in Reims

Charming Reims is a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of Paris. I felt myself relax and loosen my tight grip on my handbag as I slowed down to a leisurely stroll along wide, cobbled streets. Despite being the capital of the beautiful Champagne region, the streets were quiet and the town was cloaked in a soft silence that encouraged a slower pace of life.

I was only stopping through on a day trip from Paris, but I would love to go on a slightly longer sojourn to the sleepy town. Two or three days would be perfect. Not only is it on the doorstep to the vineyards of Champagne, including those of Moet & Chandon and Verve Clicquot, but it is also full of historically significant buildings, perfect for a history buff.

Visit what is considered the most perfect Gothic cathedral in the world, the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims. Spot the single smiling angel on the facade and the Gallery of Kings, a flank of statues of the kings who were crowned there, including King Clovis, the first king of France. The cathedral was built in 1211 on the site of an even older church, and despite being almost completely destroyed in World War I, has been fully restored. It is known for its beautiful stained glass windows, including the large rose window on the western-facing front, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The day we were there, it was quiet deserted until one by one, classic cars pulled up outside the cathedral. Reims hosts a number of classic car rallies, and it was an interesting sight to see a row of classic cars lined up at the foot of the towering cathedral.

Notre Dame de Reims

Notre Dame Cathesdral Reims

Classic Car Show outside Notre Dame Cathesdral Reims

Reims France

Cute buildings in Reims France

Streets of Reims France

Streets of Reims France

Streets in Reims France

Boulangerie in Reims France

Streets in Reims France

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