Gardens of Versailles France

The Temple of Love in the gardens of Versailles

You could lose hours in the seemingly never-ending gardens of Versailles. Between the English gardens, French gardens, Petit and Grand Trianons, fountains, orangeries, greenhouses, lakes, grottos and my favourite, Marie Antoinette’s fairytale hamlet, it is hard to leave. In terms of beauty, I think the gardens leave the palace for dead. The Temple of Love is set amongst the English Gardens, which Marie Antoinette requested because she preferred the more “natural” style of the fashionable English gardens, as opposed to the French order imposed upon meticulous greenhouses and manicured garden beds.

Temple of Love Gardens of Versailles FranceGardens of VersaillesTemple of Love Versailles France

The entire temple is sculpted from marble and houses a statue of cupid. Before the revolution, Marie Antoinette and her friends used to host parties in the gardens and plays were performed in the temple.

Temple of Love Versailles France Temple of Love Versailles France

It was lovely in winter, but I am so glad I went again in summer because it is indescribably beautiful when everything is in full bloom.

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