Postcards from Prague’s Old Town

Prague’s historic centre looks like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen tale. Like any good fairytale kingdom, Prague has a beautiful Castle District, home to the Prague Castle, St Vitus’ Cathedral and other palaces dotted throughout the neighbourhood that have survived fires, wars and the ravages of time. The walk through the Castle District is relaxing, full of history and reveals picturesque views over the cute historic centre, Mala Strana.

Mala Strana, Prague's historic centre
Mala Strana, Prague’s historic centre

3 thoughts on “Postcards from Prague’s Old Town

  1. Nothing beats the view from the Charles bridge. If I’m up early–or more likely getting back to the hotel late, considering it’s Prague–I’ll stroll the bridge in the fog, just standing there, and soon enough it burns off and reveals the city. . . ;o)

    1. Amazing! It was the middle of winter when I went, so it was way too cold to get up early for the bridge ( in my wimpy Australian opinion), but I wish I had!

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