Eating in Paris: The Latin Quarter

Wander through the labyrinth-like streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris and you’ll be spoilt for choice, if not a little overwhelmed. The narrow, winding streets make it difficult to retrace your steps but despite this, don’t stop at the first restaurant that catches your eye. I like to go before I get desperately hungry, so I can have a little wander and enjoy the sensory overload of colourful, chaotic brasseries, cafes & restaurants all trying to seduce potential customers by letting the aromas from the kitchen waft out onto the street.

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Follow your nose and you’ll find tasty food at very reasonable prices. Although it’s a little touristy, the Latin Quarter is a lifesaver for travellers on a budget with set menus starting from as little as 10 euro for an entree, main and dessert. Thirsty? Your first glass of sangria is often free.


It’s a funny place, almost like a Diagon Alley of sorts because it’s so vibrant and busy, but can be hard to find. I remember struggling to find the street that led to it one day and then I turned down a narrow alley and voila, the popular dining scene unfolded before me in all of its chaotic glory. It’s not far from Notre Dame, so it’s a perfect stop after a morning of visiting the church or climbing the tower.

Nearby is my favourite bookstore which I visit at least once every time I’m in Paris, Shakespeare & Co. It’s one of the busiest bookstores I’ve ever visited, but that is another post for another day.

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It’s easy to find traditional French fare, but there’s also great Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern and African cuisine too.  Creme brûlée, escargots, canard a l’orange, boeuf bourguignon and French onion soup are on most menus, making it easier to tick off a few more French classics on your list.



Have you visited the Latin Quarter?

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