This is bliss: Sailing around Capri

Water that really sparkles. Deep blue oceans and glittering turquoise grottos. Endless blue skies. Golden yet gentle sunshine. Diving off the boat deep into the Mediterranean’s Tyrrhenian Sea. Watching my worries float away as I soaked up the sunshine from the deck. Sailing around Capri was one of the highlights from my five weeks in Europe.




The most blissful day I’ve ever had while travelling was spent sailing around Italy’s mythical Isle of Capri. Brimming with high rollers, trust fund babes, the occasional celebrity and day trippers, the small towns of Capri and Anacapri are scenic but crowded.

Our small boat sat about 15 of us and we were whisked away from the crowds to enjoy Capri from a different angle. The highlight for the day, and my entire trip, was squeezing into iridescent Blue Grotto, but the bonus of also seeing the White Grotto, Green Grotto and other natural wonders such as the lover’s arch and the naturally-occurring statue of a man inside another grotto had me grinning from ear to ear.

Just as I was starting to feel the heat, our boat stopped in the middle of the ocean. There are few things more refreshing than diving off a boat into the Mediterranean. No waves, no crowds, just water. Back home I’m more of a slow ‘n steady kinda girl when walking into the chilly ocean, but here we had to dive straight in. Luckily, it was warm!


Sailing around Capri ContikiWhite Grotto Capri Italy

It was easily the most deeply relaxing day I had in my five weeks of beach crawling, island hopping and city strolling around France, Italy and Greece. Bliss!


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