Stay in Florence: Hotel Alessandra

Hotel Alessandra in Florence is a fantastic deal. It sits only a street back from the Ponte Vecchio, located in a beautiful old building in a street dotted with artisan shops and small family-owned restaurants.

The Room

I couldn’t believe how enormous and charming our room was, with ample room for an king sized bed, armoire, a window seat, a sink and two big armchairs. It was the most spacious room of our two week trip in Italy, enhanced by the super high ceilings. It was the perfect sanctuary after a busy (and hot) day in crowded parts of Florence. After weeks of tiny rooms, it was so lovely to have so much room to stretch out and relax…without tripping over your suitcase every five minutes.

This photo doesn't do justice to how enormous this room was!
This photo doesn’t do justice to how enormous this room was!


The staff are gorgeous, the free breakfast is fantastic and your stay won’t break the bank. Most importantly (of course), the WI-FI signal is superb.

I was initially a little nervous about having a shared bathroom, with images of long queues and rushing through showers and getting ready. Despite it being just off peak (and still very busy), I never waited to use the bathroom and it was really clean.


Hotel Alessandra is just one block back from the Arno river, and a two minute walk from the Ponte Vecchio. It’s right near the historical centre and is a short walk to the popular restaurants and bars.

I would absolutely recommend the hotel to anyone staying in Florence for a few days, as it’s location means you don’t waste time getting to the sights and streets you want to see. It wasn’t modern, but I loved the regal Florentine, old-world style of the furniture.

One tip: Andrea, the manager, is a man, not a woman ( as I assumed, and later realised I implied during our correspondence leading up to our stay. Oops).


Hotel Alessandra


A: Borgo SS. Apostoli, 17 – 50123 Firenze


Price: $$ It is around 100 euro per night, on average. This was on the slightly pricier end of our accommodation, but it was worth every cent. Slightly more expensive rooms can have bathrooms or views of the Arno river. Free breakfast was included with our stay

4 thoughts on “Stay in Florence: Hotel Alessandra

  1. Goodness us! We are in awe, delighted and almost embarrassed at the same time. Is that possible. And very very nervous of future guests high high expectations. But above all we are truly truly proud that you loved our city, and that we could make your time here just a little bit special.

    We will be sharing this with our staff – it literally makes their day to read feedback and when it’s like this is might make their week.

    We do hope to see you again one day

    Andrea (the man!) at reception – Hotel Alessandra

    1. I meant to email this to you, but you’ve found it before I had a chance! I’m glad you are happy with the review, I hope not too embarrassed. We really had the most comfortable and enjoyable stay, and you have no idea of our delight when we saw our large our room was, after weeks in much, much smaller spaces.

      Please pass on my thanks to your staff, they were so friendly and helpful.

      I loved Florence so much, and will definitely return – so I will definitely be back to Hotel Alessandra!

      Genevieve ( we stayed in September last year)

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