24 Hours to win a trip to Cinque Terre

Dazzling Cinque Terre was one of my major trip highlights last summer and I would return in an instant (sans $2000 airfare!). The five hamlets of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso, Manarola and Corniglia each have their own signature laid-back vibe and are unmissable destinations on the Ligurian coast. I’d love to re-visit Monterosso’s sparkling water and beach, Vernazza’s gorgeous little harbour and delicious pizzas, Riomaggiore’s festive main street, Manarola’s drop dead gorgeous swimming hole (if you could call it that!) and Corniglia’s beautiful, unique vineyards and fantastic views from it’s perch on the cliff.


It was the holiday of a lifetime, but not without some significant expenses. Lucky for you, you have the chance to win a free trip through Cinque Terre with Peregrine Adventures, an offer to celebrate their 20 years of using only local guides on their tours.

Why I love local guides

After experiencing local guides on day trips and tours in Champagne, Brisbane, Berlin, Greece, Turkey and Rome I can confidently say that it is the only way I’d travel on a tour. No matter how dedicated foreign guides are, when they’re busy hopping between different countries they can’t absorb the knowledge and know how of local guides. As a non-local guide would tell you, they know a little bit about a lot of places. A local guide knows a lot about their region, and their knowledge is priceless.

I do a lot of research before I travel and what all the information still didn’t scratch the surface of the local guide’s knowledge – not to mention knowing where the best bars actually are, compared to the ones you’ll read about online full of tourists.

20 in 20 Infographic[1]

By the time I started the tour on the last leg of my trip last summer, I really had enjoyed my independence and wasn’t looking forward to joining a group. Our local guide in Italy, however, was so fantastic that I got so much more out of the experience than I would have otherwise.

What I love about this tour

I was in Cinque Terre only six months ago and I’m still envious of those who will get the chance to be led on hikes through the region by local guides.


Unlike my trip, this tour takes you to other small villages along the way, which will be peaceful pitstops between the popular hamlets of CT. I also love that it starts in Levanto, which readers of this blog will know is my ultimate chill-out destination! Levanto is in my mind, absolute perfection. Quiet, peaceful, gorgeous and friendly. Essentially, it’s the definition of la dolce vita.



Be quick! The winner will be announced at 3pm tomorrow.

They’re also offering 10% off all of their tours as part of their celebrations, so be sure to check out their other awesome tours.

Good luck!


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