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While I’m on Stradbroke Island this weekend, desperately clinging to the last semblances of almost-summer weather (in the final month of Autumn, bless you Queensland), my friends at Boohoo.com have got you covered for your travel fix with a snapshot guide to the UK.

I love that they haven’t just focused on London, icon that it may be, and have included Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge, which seem to feature less frequently in most travel media that I read. Edinburgh had me at The Baked Potato Shop. Drool. I also didn’t realise that all of London’s National Museums are free! I wish I’d known this on my last day in London as I rationed out my last 12 pounds.

My trips to the UK have always been flying visits. I’ve been to London, Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath.  Lacock and Bath were absolute dreams, the former full of thatched roofs and a Harry Potter site and the latter is not only home to it’s namesake, the Roman Baths, but is everything you want a small English town to be. Cobbled, cute and friendly.

I was itching to get further afield on my last trip, but ran out of time. I’d really love to drive around more of the UK, another one to add to the bucket list. Have you been to any of these places? What did you think?

Note: This graphic is hard to read due to the width of my blog. Right click and open in a new tab. Click on the picture and it will zoom in to the right size 🙂

Credit to Boohoo for this great graphic!

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