Wanderlust goodies: Luckies Scratch Map

I can’t remember the last time I was so impatient for the mailman. As a self-confessed geography nerd, eternal dreamer and shameless travel addict, the Luckies Scratch Map is the next best thing to buying a plane ticket.

Credit: www.scratchmap.org
Credit: www.scratchmap.org


The Scratch Map is a gorgeous map of the world covered in a gold foil. As you visit a country, scratch away the foil with a coin and reveal the beautiful colours underneath. There are also some cute facts along the bottom, to be uncovered as you visit different destinations. I bought the full size, but I also bought a travel-sized version for my friend as a going-away present. The travel-sized version has extra spaces on the back of the map for filling in different highlights of your trip.

I’ve seen it on blogs and on the web, but for a long time it’s only been available in the USA or elsewhere overseas, and I wasn’t ready to pay $20 shipping to wait for months – besides, last time I ordered something from America it was a giant waste of time. I was SO excited the other day to find it at www.mapworld.com.au, which is based in Western Australia. The large edition (which I bought) is $34.99 and the travel edition is $24.99.


It is absolutely perfect and I can’t stop staring at it! It’s both dangerous for my productivity and my bank account that I’ve hung it above my desk, because I constantly catch myself completely lost in the map.

I love having the entire world at a glance as I improve my geography. I love how the map makes me feel so small, which makes me feel quite insignificant – an unlikely source of inspiration to do something different with my life.

Despite three overseas adventures, I’ve seen so little of the world! Partly because I have returned to some places a few times, which I don’t regret in the slightest. I’m in no rush. But I won’t pretend that the huge expanses of gold foil that stare at me every day don’t drive me a little crazy.

I haven’t coloured in the whole country, unless I’ve experienced most of the country’s regions – or in the case of England and the South Island of New Zealand, I coloured it all in because it was so tiny anyway. I’ve hardly even scratched the surface of Australia, really! Luckily, I have three Australian getaways coming up in the second half of this year!


Two are in September; one is to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and the other is across the border to New South Wales. I’m REALLY excited because it will be a road trip with my family and we’re planning it so we can see lots of beautiful places along the way. We’ll drive a country route on the way down and see lots of country towns and maybe do a farm stay for one night and then we’ll spend two nights in NSW. On the way home, we’ll drive along the stunning coastal route, which is quicker – better for the return journey.

In December, my best friend and I are travelling to Cairns and Airlie Beach to see the Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest!

Next year, I want to see some of North America and Asia. I think I’d like to try and see parts of the USA, Canada and Japan. Fingers crossed! My best friend and I also have a Spain trip in our sights…hopefully within the next couple of years!

See, this map incites WAY too much wanderlust in me! Definitely way more than can be healthy.

  • I love this map! A friend gave it to me for Christmas but I haven’t been home to hang it up yet. As soon as I find a place now I’m staying still for awhile it’s gonna be the first thing on the wall, I can’t wait.

    • Thanks for commenting! It’s such an awesome gift but be warned, having it staring at you every day makes the travel bug even worse! 🙂

  • My parents brought me back one of these maps from Europe of all places. I love it. It just sits there. Willing me to scratch more off it haha. As a side note: because I’ve been enjoying your blog so much I’ve nominated you for an ‘Inspirational Blog Award’. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  • Very cool! I just put my order in for one to give my boyfriend for Christmas. I hope he thinks it’s as neat as I do!

    • What an awesome present! I’m sure he’ll love it 🙂

  • I got this map as a birthday gift last year! I had a custom frame made (which was a bit pricy) but it looks amazing now! I also am glad that you’re not doing the whole ” I went to one city in Russia, so I scratched the entire country of Russia” mentality 🙂

    • Haha thank you, doesn’t quite make sense to me – I’m in NYC at the moment and will go to Charleston & New Orleans later – these places are all going to be so different, and still not nearly represent the whole USA!