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Globetrotter Gift Guide 2014

How is it the 10th of December already?! The year has flown by, as it does every year and Christmas is creeping up on us.

I’ve created my own Globetrotter Gift Guide, compiled of things I love so much that if I don’t find them under the tree, I’ll be treating myself to at the Boxing Day Sales.

High quality travel gear

One of the most stressful elements of travelling somewhere new is knowing what to pack – and getting the right gear. Icebreaker makes high quality travel gear made out of merino wool. Why Merino Wool?

Because it comes from the Merino Sheep, which braves New Zealand’s freezing winters and warm summers. Merino wool is luxuriously soft, but super strong. It’s perfect for travelling in all climates because it creates light, breathable layers that buffer your body from the cold and wicks away moisture in the heat, stops you from getting clammy, resists odours and unlike many other wools, doesn’t itch. Icebreaker’s products are tested in the mountains, not the labs, so they know that their products will go the distance.

To make Christmas shopping a little easier, they’ve come up with their own Holiday Gift Guide, to help you pick the perfect present for any type of traveller. Check it out for fresh ideas for the Glamper, Over-Packer (love this!), minimalist and more.

Aura Hat

I love a good beanie! Not only is this Aura Hat super cute, but it’s also extra warm and very durable. Perfect for when you’re bouncing down the ski slopes or sipping chocolate chaud at the chalet.

Aura Hat

Sierra Gloves

Ugly, clunky gloves are a thing of the past! I love how sleek these gloves are – and the touch screen technology in the thumb and fingertips, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your fingers to frostbite if you want to use your phone. I wish I’d had these when I was in Amsterdam right before the cold snap in 2012!

Sierra Gloves

Aero Long Sleeve Half Zip

I think this would look perfect with the gloves! I really like the sleek fit of this jacket and that it’s featherweight, so you can use it as your first layer in cold climates but you won’t overheat once you warm up. This wouldn’t just be perfect for travelling, it will be perfect for the totally unpredictable, extreme weather I’ll be facing when I move to Melbourne in January!

Aero Long Sleeve Half Zip

Bolt Long Sleeve Crew

Layers are essential for braving the extreme cold in winter, just putting on a big jacket and a sweater won’t cut it. This lightweight base layer is perfect for your everyday first layer and for layering up before you do sport.


A beautiful journal

I am the worst at writing on the road, but I’m slowly getting better. No matter how mundane my observations are, I’m always happy to re read them later. For the scribe in your life, a small, beautiful travel journal makes a great present.

Cool Maps

Above my desk, I have a rotating gallery of my favourite maps. I found an awesome illustrated street map of Paris, which was meant to be used as wrapping paper, but is so pretty I’ve got it on my wall. I also have a standard world map with cities and countries, and an awesome scratch-map to mark off the places I go to. When I was in NSW, I picked up a beautiful hand drawn map of Australia.

For your friend with the world’s longest bucket list, a beautiful map makes a great present that doubles as art/inspiration.


Travel-themed Coffee Table Book

I have SO many inspiring travel books, full of gorgeous illustrations and enough information to keep me constantly planning my next trip. You could go with a book on popular topics like the wonders of the world or the best destinations for 2014/15, or you could find books for a specific niche – such as eco-travel, lesser-known alternatives to iconic destinations, festivals around the world or books focusing on one destination.

Camera gear

Don’t freak out, this doesn’t need to be expensive! If you’re buying for a snap-happy traveller, do a little digging and find out if there’s anything that could help them take even better photos on the road. Maybe it’s a lightweight, compact tripod or even something as simple as a cool fish-eye lens attachment for their iPhone.

Travel novel

There’s nothing like a good book to immerse yourself in a destination before or after your trip. If the traveller in your life has a trip coming up, do a quick Google search and find a book written about that destination. So much more fun than reading a travel guide!

What would you add to the list?

This post was sponsored by Icebreaker, but of course all opinions are my own – as if I could keep them to myself!

8 thoughts on “Globetrotter Gift Guide 2014

  1. Great ideas 🙂 I would add a magazine subscription for the same reasons as the coffee table book, except that new inspiration comes every month! (of course I’m biased because I write for magazines…)

      1. Thanks! I write mostly for sailing magazines because that’s how I travel 🙂 Cruising World, Blue Water Sailing, Ocean Navigator (all USA), Pacific Yachting (Canada), and Classic Boat and Sailing Today (UK). All of them have great destination pieces that apply to people who don’t sail too. And then since I’m a diver, I love reading Alert Diver magazine with its AMAZING pictures. Just bought myself a copy of National Geographic Travel’s special edition “50 Places of a Lifetime” which is mouthwateringly inspirational 🙂

      2. Wow! That is so cool, sounds like you have found a great niche! I’ll have to check them out, sometimes its hard to find good travel mags! I really like Get Lost though, have to get my hands on the Nat Geo Travel one! No doubt half of it will end up plastered all over the wall above my desk

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