Postcards from Bryant Park, NYC

I’ve only been in New York for a few days and already I’m amazed by how many green lungs breathe life into the concrete jungle.

Bryant Park NYC | www.thewanderbug.comBryant Park NYC

Bryant Park is in the heart of Midtown, making it the perfect place to come up for air after the madness of Times Square.

A tree-lined arcade frames a large lawn, dotted with forest-green picnic tables and Italianate fountains, potted plants and benches. From the park you can see the Empire State Building, the tip of the glamorous Chrysler building, the fabulous black and gold American Radiator Building (my favourite) and the back of the New York Public Library, which backs onto the park.

Bryant Park NYCBryant Park NYC |

At lunchtime Bryant Park is full of life. Tourists posing in front of the large fountain at the base of the park. Businessmen in suits, hunched over their laptops from a picnic table. Girlfriends catching up for a chat. Locals lost in thought, taking time out from the rush of the city on a park bench. Much like Melbourne, New Yorkers do a wonderful job of truly inhabiting the city’s public spaces. I guess when you live in a tiny Manhattan apartment, you really appreciate any extra space you can use!

Bryant Park NYC | www.thewanderbug.comBryant Park NYC | www.thewanderbug.comBryant Park NYCBryant Park NYC Bryant Park NYC

I was only on my lunch break, so I strolled around the perimeter of the park and headed home. I am definitely coming back with David for a kiosk waffle and some people watching!

Bryant Park NYC Bryant Park NYC Bryant Park NYCBryant Park NYC Bryant Park NYC Bryant Park NYC Bryant Park NYC

What’s your favourite park or garden that you’ve ever visited?

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  1. The place looks lovely! There’s this park near my town that I didn’t know existed until this summer. Located on top of a hill, it’s very atmospheric, with a gorgeous view of the sea. Otherwise, the gardens in Versailles (yes, France) are breath-taking.

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