Find bayside bliss in Parkdale, Melbourne

Most tourists make a beeline for Brighton, but it’s not the last word on bayside brilliance in Melbourne. Parkdale is a peaceful residential suburb 40 minutes from the city, but it feels like a  world away. Moving to Melbourne, I was secretly a bit sad about moving so far away from beautiful beaches. Growing up in Brisbane, between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, I loved having the beach just an hour away.

Parkdale, Melbourne Bayside |

While Melbourne isn’t renowned for it’s beaches, it still has plenty to offer in terms of beautiful water, a sea breeze and even the  occasional warm swimming spot!

I was floored by the sparkling, aquamarine water in Parkdale, so clear that you could see every stone near the shore and  sandbanks drew pale blue stripes in the bay. I will definitely be spending lazy summer days plonked in the clear shallows. Because there are no waves I will be able to  just sit in the water and relax, without fear of losing my sunglasses, hat, umbrella (or bikini bottoms, like last time I went to Bribie Island). Not quite the same workout as a day spent in the surf, but definitely an easier day.

Parkdale Beach Cafe, Bayside Melbourne

Parkdale Beach Cafe Bayside Melbourne

Parkdale has a number of cute cafes, like Parker’s Cafe just around the corner from the station, a few blocks from the beach. Their all-day breakfast menu is divine! For a chew with a view, grab a waterfront table or relax on a banana lounge at Parkdale Beach Cafe. There is often a wait, but it is worth it for the beautiful views that accompany your meal.

Parkdale, Bayside Melbourne

Get to Parkdale

Hop on the Frankston train line at Flinders St Station & get off at Parkdale, the trip takes around 40 minutes.

Parkdale Beach Cafe, Bayside Melbourne

Have you been to Melbourne’s bayside areas? Where are your favourite beach cafes?

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