Waterfall Way NSW Australia

Celebrating the in-betweeners on Waterfall Way

Last year I went on a road trip with my family through Waterfall Way, the most beautiful drive in New South Wales. I have been in awe of the beauty of Queensland for years, but before this trip I’d never given regional New South Wales too much thought. I’ve done a few posts about the highlights of the trip, the Queensland section of the trip … Continue reading Celebrating the in-betweeners on Waterfall Way

Itinerary: Brisbane to Waterfall Way Roadtrip

Need a getaway beyond the usual beaches? Leave the city behind and explore Queensland’s country towns on your way to one of the most beautiful drives in Australia – Waterfall Way. Before this trip, Northern NSW was a bit of a mystery to me – despite its proximity to Brisbane, I had no idea what lay across the border except for Byron Bay, Sydney and … Continue reading Itinerary: Brisbane to Waterfall Way Roadtrip

The Best of Waterfall Way, NSW

New South Wales is full of surprises. It’s no secret to me, or a lot of the world (Best Job in the World, anyone?) that Queensland has some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Australia is a big place, bursting with natural beauty,  but I never thought much about what lay beyond the border in northern New South Wales – it doesn’t get a lot … Continue reading The Best of Waterfall Way, NSW

September Recap

A year ago this month, I returned from an amazing adventure through France, Italy, Greece & Turkey with my best friend. It seems fitting that this month, I enjoyed more of Australia. I loved every minute of my third trip to Europe, but upon returning home I promised myself that I’d see more of Australia in 2014. This month I’ve enjoyed the warmer weather with … Continue reading September Recap

Byron Bay get away

Byron Bay must be the jaywalking capital of Australia. While it’s true that no one looks before the cross the road in most coastal towns, Byron’s pedestrians are truly a special breed. I remember as a kid, someone walking into the side of our car, which was not even going at 10 km/hr. When we went there last weekend, not much had changed. Fortunately, not … Continue reading Byron Bay get away