Bateaux Mouches Seine Cruise, Paris

Every Wednesday was a half-day at my summer acamdey in Paris, so during our first week the staff arranged for our cohort to go on Seine cruise with Bateaux Mouches. The sun was shining, the weather was warm and we were all just getting to know each other. I’d been to Paris before, but I’d never taken to the river – I’m so glad we … Continue reading Bateaux Mouches Seine Cruise, Paris

Archaeological crypt of Notre Dame: Roman ruins in Paris

With it’s grand boulevards, historic mansions and charming lack of skyscrapers, it can seem like Paris is stuck in the 19th century. The Archaeological Crypt of Notre Dame underneath Notre Dame Cathedral in Ile de City shows that it’s a city in a constant state of change. In the 1960s, during excavations for a car park outside Notre Dame, ancient Roman ruins were discovered 80 … Continue reading Archaeological crypt of Notre Dame: Roman ruins in Paris

Paris Arrondissement Guide

Paris is best explored by neighbourhood. The arrondissement / neighbourhood system can cause a lot of confusion, so I’ve summarised them below to make your trip to Paris a bit easier. Paris is divided into arrondissements, which are arranged a bit like a snail’s shell, working their way out from the centre of the city. Popular neighbourhoods often have blurry boundaries overlapping two arrondissements. For example, Montparnasse overlaps … Continue reading Paris Arrondissement Guide

One Perfect Day in Paris

If I only had 24 hours in Paris, this is how I’d spend it. No Eiffel Tower, no Louvre, no Moulin Rouge. A few icons, a few shops, a few fabulous views and lots of delicious food. Morning Breakfast: I’d start my day right with a pain au chocolat at the nearest boulangerie. Nowhere has pastries like Paris. Afterwards, I’d head to Musee de l’Orangerie … Continue reading One Perfect Day in Paris

Stay in Paris: Hotel Eiffel Segur

Paris is a tough place to find decent accommodation on a budget, but now that I’ve found Hotel Eiffel Segur, I never have to worry again! Location The hotel is in Montparnasse, my favourite suburb in Paris to stay in. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood that isn’t too touristy but is in a great location for exploring the Left Bank. It’s not far from the Eiffel … Continue reading Stay in Paris: Hotel Eiffel Segur

How to find good budget accommodation in Paris online

Out of the ten cities I booked accommodation in last year, Paris was by far the trickiest. As such a popular tourist destination with plenty of great neighbourhoods to stay in, I thought it would be the easiest. I was wrong! In my experience, Italian hospitality is naturally better or more reliable than French hospitality. I loved everywhere I stayed in France, but it involved … Continue reading How to find good budget accommodation in Paris online