Itinerary: 2 weeks in Italy

Planning an itinerary for two weeks in Italy is exciting and overwhelming. Where do you start? In the north, the fashion & finance powerhouse of Milan, the sinking canals of Venice and the bright villages of Cinque Terre each demand attention. The olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany, the streets of Florence oozing Renaissance splendour and the fine foods of Emilia-Romagna tempt travellers in the … Continue reading Itinerary: 2 weeks in Italy

Treating my feet on an Amalfi beach

The Italian Riviera was good for my feet. In Sorrento I bought custom made sandals and on the Amalfi beach I enjoyed a foot massage, which I purchased before remembering that I have insanely ticklish feet. I managed not to kick the masseuse, but I gave my stomach muscles a work out as I tried not to giggle. Like Positano, the small town of Amalfi is … Continue reading Treating my feet on an Amalfi beach