Wanderlust: Amsterdam in Spring

Two days after I left Amsterdam in early 2012, the cold snap hit. It was so cold that the canal froze over and cars on the street were turned into ice sculptures. It was not ideal travelling weather, to say the least. Unfortuantely, this affected my enjoyment of Amsterdam and Berlin, the two final (and coldest) cities on my first trip around Europe. No matter … Continue reading Wanderlust: Amsterdam in Spring

Cutting out the middle man in Amsterdam

Burgers… from a vending machine? Feebo is a popular chain in Amsterdam that takes fast food that one step further. It’s for those times ( in Amsterdam) when you just aren’t feeling up to talking to people about complex topics as ordering a burger. Instead, head into a Feebo, spot your prize, throw down a few coins and the little door for your burger pops … Continue reading Cutting out the middle man in Amsterdam