Floating up Mt Pilatus, Luzern

The first time I saw snow was at the top of Mt Pilatus, the iconic mountain looming over the tiny town of Luzern. The scenic gondola ride up the mountain is worth the trip in itself¬†. From the top level, you can climb a set of slipper steps to the peak. The enormity of the Pilatus and the surrounding mountains, blanked in snow made the … Continue reading Floating up Mt Pilatus, Luzern

Postcards: Monster Murals in Lucerne

Quaint little Lucerne’s buildings are sensible shades of brown, khaki and cream. Against the grey winter skies, this would almost look a little dull were it not for the beautiful, colourful murals splashed across ¬†buildings in the centre of town. I’ve never seen anything like it! in Australia it’s a big deal when a building is 100 years old, so buildings tend to fall into … Continue reading Postcards: Monster Murals in Lucerne

Top 5 Travel Experiences 2012

Travel is about the moments when you have to pinch yourself because you can’t believe you’re wide awake and what you’re seeing is real. Sometimes its a first and other times its something you never expected. Sometimes they are big moments but so often they are the small ones. Here are some of my favourites 1.International Eiffel Tower picnic, Paris At the international summer academy, … Continue reading Top 5 Travel Experiences 2012

Swiss Dreams

Somewhere in Switzerland I imagine it’s looking a little like this once again. Meanwhile, it’s absolutely sweltering in Australia! I spend half the day daydreaming about this idyllic spot half way up Mt Pilatus in Luzern, where I was delightfully cold and saw snow for the first time, which resulted in me (and many others, I’ll add!) running over and scooping up a snowball, before … Continue reading Swiss Dreams

Weeping Lion in Luzern

I was forewarned that this monument to the slain Swiss soldiers who were killed in France was deeply moving, and that Mark Twain had called it “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” I still wasn’t prepared for how heartwrenching it was. It’s a very short walk from the centre of town and is in a beautiful clearing, definitely worth a … Continue reading Weeping Lion in Luzern