7 Things I Do in Every City I Visit…And the Things I Wish I Did

How do you get under a city’s skin? Without really meaning to, I’ve developed a bit of a ritual of working my way through the following 7 things that I do in every city I visit. There are always surprises and new experiences, but I find the following activities leave me with a fairly well-rounded experience of a new city. 1. Relax in parks & … Continue reading 7 Things I Do in Every City I Visit…And the Things I Wish I Did

Moving vs. Travelling

I’ve been living in Melbourne for one month. I love it, but I have to admit I’m surprised by much more difficult it is moving to a new city, compared to travelling through many cities. I thought moving would be easier than a month of multi-city travelling, but it’s actually much harder. On paper, it should be simpler: one permanent address, unpacking just the once, the same … Continue reading Moving vs. Travelling

5 Ways to use your Travel Photos

You invest a lot of time and money into travel, so why not get more bang for your buck and make your travel experiences a bigger part of your everyday life? It’s a waste to keep your best photos hidden in your computer files       – I like to see them as much as possible, to keep memories alive and to inspire my next trip! It … Continue reading 5 Ways to use your Travel Photos

Top 5 Travel Experiences 2013

In 2013 I had an amazing five-week holiday with my best friend around France, Greece, Italy & Turkey. What a way to celebrate graduating from uni! I felt like most of 2013 was spent head down, bum up, as I finished my final semester of university, planned the trip and worked two jobs so I could afford to go. Of course, all of this added to … Continue reading Top 5 Travel Experiences 2013

Wanderupdate: Giveaways, holidays + hoorays!

It’s a pretty good Thursday morning. Giveaways This week Wanderbug is running it’s first EVER give away will we be the perfect touch to the next trip of ten lucky travellers. Apologies for being a tease, details are coming soon. I’ll also have details on the 24 March  about how you can win a drop-dead-gorgeous-and-amazing-and-please-take-me-back holiday. If I didn’t have so many other travel plans pencilled … Continue reading Wanderupdate: Giveaways, holidays + hoorays!

Seeking advice for armchair travel

Really, I’m here to ask for you recommendations for honest travel books (and, while we’re at it, I’m going to Melbourne next weekend – any suggestions?) I used to spend hours (often, during class) soaking up every word on the Lonely Planet website. Cities I’d never heard of were at my fingertips and I loved reading the vivid introductions crafted for each town which imbued … Continue reading Seeking advice for armchair travel