Whiskey, tater tots & mahjong in Chinatown NYC

The best way to see New York is on foot. My boyfriend and I would pick a couple of neighbourhoods for the day and I’d jot down a few addresses of any bars or attractions I wanted to see in the area. Sometimes we made it to those places, other times we didn’t and it didn’t matter. We just wandered around, seeing and hearing (and … Continue reading Whiskey, tater tots & mahjong in Chinatown NYC

Postcards from Flinders Lane

I didn’t have much time for photography last week, and as a result, my photos aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be. The important thing for the moment is building a habit and taking photos regularly, so I’m happy that I have something to post at all! These photos were taken in the alleys and laneways off Flinders Lane in the city. Sometimes … Continue reading Postcards from Flinders Lane

One Year of Living in Melbourne in Photos

I can’t believe it has already been a year since I boarded a flight out of Brisbane without a return ticket. Moving has been one of the most challenging but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I’ve made wonderful new friends, have had a year full of amazing work opportunities and am enjoying seeing more of a part of Australia I’d neglected before. I learned … Continue reading One Year of Living in Melbourne in Photos

Brighton Bathing Boxes Melbourne

Brighton Bathing Boxes: Dendy Beach’s Rainbow Row

The rainbow row of Brighton Bathing Boxes is one of the most iconic sights in Melbourne. The brightly-coloured little beach houses are the calling card for Melbourne’s affluent bayside suburb of Brighton, and their likeness is plastered across postcards, prints and artwork all over the city. Our apartment came fully furnished, including a massive print of the Brighton Bathing Boxes hanging in my office. The … Continue reading Brighton Bathing Boxes: Dendy Beach’s Rainbow Row

Postcards from Albert Park

It’s not just Melbourne’s city that’s bursting at the seams with interesting architecture. On the weekend, I went for lunch at Nyshry, a Japanese-inspired cafe overlooking the water on South Melbourne Beach. Afterwards, I went for a walk through the leafy, pastel-hued streets of Albert Park. Albert Park is a wealthy residential neighbourhood with a handful of cute cafes, eclectic homewares stores and boutiques. There are … Continue reading Postcards from Albert Park

Postcards: Winter walk in the Fitzroy Gardens

A wintery weekend walk in the Fitzroy Gardens was full of little surprises. First was the Spanish-style conservatory, blissfully humid to keep the tropical plants and this transplanted Queenslander happy, right beside Captain Cook’s cottage, moved here from England. Behind it was a bright and breezy cafe where our table number was a playing card bearing a horoscope, the perfect place to thaw out and … Continue reading Postcards: Winter walk in the Fitzroy Gardens