Yanaka Ginza Tokyo

Itinerary: One Day in Northern Tokyo

Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, so it makes sense to break the city into smaller regions to get the most out of your time. My itinerary for one day in Northern Tokyo covers Nishi-Nippori, Yanaka, Asakusa and Ueno and includes a variety of temples and shrines, shopping streets, charming neighbourhoods, Ueno Park and the magnificent Senso-Ji Temple. Morning: Temple Trail in Nishi-Nippori, … Continue reading Itinerary: One Day in Northern Tokyo

The Gelato Diaries: France, Italy & Greece

If there was a day during our trip from Paris-Athens that we didn’t each gelato, it evidently wasn’t worth remembering. Gelato, sorbet and on one occasion, plain old ice cream, was an essential party of our daily diet because this is what you do when you’re it’s summer, you’re in Europe with your best friend and you’re twenty years old. Sorbet at Berthillon, Paris On my … Continue reading The Gelato Diaries: France, Italy & Greece

A Quick Guide to Eating in Avignon

Avignon, the capital of Provence, is full of local specialties and quirks that jumped out at sorbet stands, in restaurant menus and in the Les Halles markets – the perfect place for a wandering foodie to spend a few days. If my photos are anything to go by, most of my time in Avignon was spent eating, at the Parc des Rocher Doms or being lost. … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Eating in Avignon

Naples: Slow pizza & quick criminals

Our Roman tour guide had a strong distrust of any Italians who lived south of Rome, and it is a sentiment echoed by many Italians throughout central and northern Italy. We’d heard rumours that the mafia in Napoli had the city under its thumb, taunting citizens by cutting off the garbage collection and letting putrid trash pile up in the streets if the local government … Continue reading Naples: Slow pizza & quick criminals

Discovering Aperitivo in Rome

Dinner in Italy for the price of a prosecco. For the penny pinching traveller who has an unfortunate, somewhat expensive taste (such as yours truly) this is like winning the lottery. Aperitivo hour has got your back (and your belly). Our first encounter with this blessing was in Rome. We’d arrived that day and were exhausted. Before we could sleep however, we had to eat. … Continue reading Discovering Aperitivo in Rome

Organic Gelato in Florence: Edoardo Il Gelato Biologico

The most delicious gelato in Florence is Edoardo’s, right under the Duomo. It stands out against the countless old-school gelatarias in Italy with modern decor and most importantly, gelato that is kept under wraps (or, metal lids), a sign of a true gelato mastery. Gelato is kept freshest this way and  as tempting as gelato piled high in cabinet windows may look, it is the … Continue reading Organic Gelato in Florence: Edoardo Il Gelato Biologico

Rush hour by the Rialto Bridge

Due to a minor hiccup on our train trip from Verona to Venice, which involved getting kicked off the train and a surprise stop in Vincenza, we were getting pretty hungry by the time we got into Venice. I didn’t see the Rialto Bridge last time I visited and I was hoping to see the Rialto Markets. Unfortunately, we were too late but this didn’t … Continue reading Rush hour by the Rialto Bridge