Why I didn’t love the Louvre

I risk sounding like a uncultured brat when I say that I didn’t enjoy my visit to the Louvre. I appreciate art and there’s no arguing that the works inside are magnificent but in my opinion, it is too big. It’s too overwhelming. It’s a labyrinth where every square inch is covered in art and there’s no room to breathe. I found it hard to … Continue reading Why I didn’t love the Louvre

Musee de Moyen Age, Paris

Musee national du moyen age, Paris

Paris, like many European cities, is bursting at the seams with museums and galleries. Admittedly, I struggle to justify spending time indoors looking at ancient artefacts from Egypt, for example, when I’m in Paris. As fascinating as they are, how can I learn about Paris and experience the culture when I’m looking at mummies? Generally, my museum count is fairly low. There are some that … Continue reading Musee national du moyen age, Paris