Andy Warhol Ai Wei Wei NGV Melbourne

Andy Warhol – Ai Wei Wei: Even better together in Melbourne

Before visiting Andy Warhol – Ai Wei Wei, the NGV’s summer blockbuster exhibition, I didn’t have a clue why the work of the late Warhol and very-much-alive Wei Wei were mingling in Melbourne’s art gallery. As I worked my way through the exhibitions pace, parallels between the artists popped up, making them seem less like an odd couple and more like kindred spirits.  x  The … Continue reading Andy Warhol – Ai Wei Wei: Even better together in Melbourne

Moat and Gold Dome of Invalides Paris

L’Hotel des Invalides: A Grand Tomb for the Little Emperor

A military museum is usually the last place you’d find me in any city, let alone in Paris. I was spending the morning with my Dad, whose passion for history is so infectious that he managed to make a place I’d usually skip interesting. My sister, Georgie, had just returned from her student exchange in Tours, a small town near the Loire Valley, so the … Continue reading L’Hotel des Invalides: A Grand Tomb for the Little Emperor

Melbourne Skyline from Hamer Hall Southbank

Sunday Stories 08.11.15

It’s been a busy, mostly sunny week here in Melbourne! Melbourne Cup Tuesday was a public holiday in Victoria for Melbourne Cup. We didn’t go to the cup, but I was a little jealous when we went out to get a coffee and were surrounded by cup-goers in their race day best. I was not so jealous later that evening when the streets were full … Continue reading Sunday Stories 08.11.15

Winter Wonderlights at Sovereign Hill

The tiny state of Victoria is made for day trippers. In one day from Melbourne, you could drive part of the Great Ocean Road, sip sparkling wine in the Yarra Valley, hike among the wildflowers in the Dandenongs, hit the beach on the Mornington Peninsula, quaff Pinot Noir in Red Hill, or explore Australia’s gold mining history in the Goldfields. On the weekend, I did … Continue reading Winter Wonderlights at Sovereign Hill

Sunday Stories 15.02.15

I’ll be totally honest – most of last week was tough. Fortunately, life’s lows are often followed by highs, and this week has been a thousand times better. Because I work from home and my boyfriend’s new job has really long hours, I spent most of my first week in Melbourne alone. Even for someone who thrives on alone time, it was tough. I was … Continue reading Sunday Stories 15.02.15