7 Things I Do in Every City I Visit…And the Things I Wish I Did

How do you get under a city’s skin? Without really meaning to, I’ve developed a bit of a ritual of working my way through the following 7 things that I do in every city I visit. There are always surprises and new experiences, but I find the following activities leave me with a fairly well-rounded experience of a new city. 7 Things I Do in … Continue reading 7 Things I Do in Every City I Visit…And the Things I Wish I Did

What to Pack 1 Week Tokyo

What to pack for 1 Week in Tokyo

My boyfriend and I spent last week in Tokyo and, admittedly, I didn’t pack until the night before. Packing is the biggest chore in any trip. I hate feeling like I’ve forgotten something but I also feel really silly when I over-pack, especially since lugging around too much stuff wrecks havoc on my neck and shoulders.  Luckily I didn’t forget anything because I wrote lists of … Continue reading What to pack for 1 Week in Tokyo

Whiskey, tater tots & mahjong in Chinatown NYC

The best way to see New York is on foot. My boyfriend and I would pick a couple of neighbourhoods for the day and I’d jot down a few addresses of any bars or attractions I wanted to see in the area. Sometimes we made it to those places, other times we didn’t and it didn’t matter. We just wandered around, seeing and hearing (and … Continue reading Whiskey, tater tots & mahjong in Chinatown NYC

Postcards from Flinders Lane

I didn’t have much time for photography last week, and as a result, my photos aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be. The important thing for the moment is building a habit and taking photos regularly, so I’m happy that I have something to post at all! These photos were taken in the alleys and laneways off Flinders Lane in the city. Sometimes … Continue reading Postcards from Flinders Lane

Union Lane Melbourne

Photos of the Week #1

I’ve been inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Alex in Wanderland, to start a Photos of the Week series on The Wanderbug. I hope that by making time for photography every week that I’ll improve much faster, and I’ll also be more motivated to take my DSLR out more often. Over the weekend, I spent about an hour or so walking around Melbourne’s CBD. … Continue reading Photos of the Week #1

Melbourne's laneways and arcades

Postcards from Melbourne’s laneways & arcades

Melbourne’s laneways and arcades make the city centre famous. They’re the canvas for the city’s adored street art and hide Melbourne’s best bars and cafes. It’s pretty rare to find a city where you actually want to spend time in the city centre, but you could lose hours following Melbourne’s laneways & arcades. The gorgeous arcades get less hype, but they offer a refuge from … Continue reading Postcards from Melbourne’s laneways & arcades

2016 Goals: Travel, life & in-between

This year I’m using Kate Matsudeira’s Spark Planner to set goals and good habits to carry throughout the New Year. I spent a lot of time working out a yearly theme, as prompted by the planner, and eventually came up with “Calm & creative, intentional living.” Because I work from home, it’s easy to let the days blur together so I want to stay a … Continue reading 2016 Goals: Travel, life & in-between