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What to pack for 1 Week in Tokyo

My boyfriend and I spent last week in Tokyo and, admittedly, I didn’t pack until the night before. Packing is the biggest chore in any trip. I hate feeling like I’ve forgotten something but I also feel really silly when I over-pack, especially since lugging around too much stuff wrecks havoc on my neck and shoulders.  Luckily, I didn’t forget anything because I wrote lists of … Continue reading What to pack for 1 Week in Tokyo

Long Haul Inflight Essentials

Like many Australians who love to travel, I’ve battled a fair few long-haul flights. I’ve been envious of classmates flying back to Switzerland or Croatia in only a few hours from our school in Paris, while dreading two long flights home. Even when I book with a maximum two-hour stop over in Dubai, it’s generally a minimum of 24 hours in transit. Of course, travelling … Continue reading Long Haul Inflight Essentials