Whiskey, tater tots & mahjong in Chinatown NYC

The best way to see New York is on foot. My boyfriend and I would pick a couple of neighbourhoods for the day and I’d jot down a few addresses of any bars or attractions I wanted to see in the area. Sometimes we made it to those places, other times we didn’t and it didn’t matter. We just wandered around, seeing and hearing (and … Continue reading Whiskey, tater tots & mahjong in Chinatown NYC

Postcards from Flinders Lane, Melbourne

I didn’t have much time for photography last week, and as a result, my photos aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be. The important thing for the moment is building a habit and taking photos regularly, so I’m happy that I have something to post at all! These photos were taken in the alleys and laneways off Flinders Lane in the city. Sometimes … Continue reading Postcards from Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Union Lane Melbourne

Melbourne Photo Diary

Over the weekend, I spent about an hour or so walking around Melbourne’s CBD. It was the first time I picked up my camera this year, so not surprisingly, I got mixed results. I’ve taken some of my favourite laneway & arcade photos from this trip and turned them into Melbourne’s Laneways & Arcades in black and white. Which is your favourite photo? Leave your … Continue reading Melbourne Photo Diary

Melbourne's laneways and arcades

Postcards from Melbourne’s laneways & arcades

Melbourne’s laneways and arcades make the city centre famous. They’re the canvas for the city’s adored street art and hide Melbourne’s best bars and cafes. It’s pretty rare to find a city where you actually want to spend time in the city centre, but you could lose hours following Melbourne’s laneways & arcades. The gorgeous arcades get less hype, but they offer a refuge from … Continue reading Postcards from Melbourne’s laneways & arcades

5 Ways to use your Travel Photos

You invest a lot of time and money into travel, so why not get more bang for your buck and make your travel experiences a bigger part of your everyday life? It’s a waste to keep your best photos hidden in your computer files       – I like to see them as much as possible, to keep memories alive and to inspire my next trip! It … Continue reading 5 Ways to use your Travel Photos

How to Save Gloomy Travel Photos

A beautiful sky makes all the difference between a pretty travel photo one and a dull one. So what do you do when you’re in London (for the third time) and the weather still won’t cheer up? Switch the photos to black and white. I’ve been reading the Digital Photography School blog, after recently purchasing my first DSLR camera. My favourite article so far is about making … Continue reading How to Save Gloomy Travel Photos