Lazy days at Opera Plage Beach Club, Nice

One of the most bizarre things about the beaches in the Italian and French Rivieras is that huge sections of them are roped off and come at a price. I’ve never seen a private beach club in Australia and it seems strange to me that someone can own part of the beach. It’s a smart business move, however, because most of these beaches have rocks where there should be sand, so a beach club full of reclining chairs, permanent umbrellas and footpaths to avoid bruising your feet seems like a natural fit.

Opera Plage Beach Club Nice

The beach in Nice has huge, smooth pebbles which are very painful to walk on, so on our first beach day in Nice we decided to splurge on a morning at Opera Plage Beach Club, the prettiest beach club we could find.

It was 15 Euro for the day and we were seated in the front row with unobstructed views of the beautiful water in front of us. I’m not sure how happy I would have been to pay 15 Euro if my view had been of the backs of leathery Europeans tanning in front of me, so we were very lucky!

Opera Plage Beach Club Nice

We ate at the beach club’s cafe too, it was moderately priced but the food was pretty good – a rare find along the Nice waterfront. I’m not sure why, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a great meal in Nice.  The bathrooms, however, were very wet, a little dirty and the doors didn’t even click shut, so I’d advise that you go before you leave home and not to hit the cocktails toooo hard.

Lunch at Opera Plage Beach Club

Opera Plage Beach Club Nice

This was the only beach club I visited overseas and I used the free part of the beach the next day. It was a fun novelty and you have to admit that the beach clubs decorate the beaches beautifully with their brightly coloured umbrellas lined up over the sand.

If I was planning on spending a full day at the beach in Nice, I’d definitely use a beach club again – I tried getting comfortable just using a towel on the free beach and it’s impossible. The Italian beaches I visited didn’t have the best sand, but at least the pebbles were much smaller so it was just a little uncomfortable, rather than painful to walk on the beach.

Opera Plage Beach Club Nice

Beachlovers who don’t want to fork out 15 euro a day should consider reef shoes – you look ridiculous, until you get on the beach or in the water and can walk like a normal human being, unlike all the barefoot beach goers hobbling over the sand.

Free beach in Nice -

Have you been to any beach clubs? Were they worth the $$$? 

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8 thoughts on “Lazy days at Opera Plage Beach Club, Nice

  1. As an Australian it seems like a ridiculous concept to have to pay to use the beach, or at least good beach. But sounds like it was worth it for shade and a comfy chair. So lucky in Australia to have our amazing, free beaches.

    1. I know! I still don’t get how anyone can own the beach! But it was fun for the novelty of trying it, I’ll try most things once! Really did make me appreciate our beautiful, clean , spacious free beaches!

  2. OMG 15 Euros? I never payed for a beach here in Europe (yet), but Ive payed before in Dubai, but it didnt cost much, maybe 5 Euros max if Im not mistaken! And about the stones its a shame, here in Europe most of the beaches are like this… in Croatia where I often go has also pebble stones 🙁

    1. Yeah quite pricey hey! Ok for a one off to try as a novelty but not something I’d do regularly. The beaches in Dubai look much nicer than the European beaches too! I’m lucky Australia’s beaches are big, beautiful and free!

      1. Yes it is, maybe because its south of France. Ive been to the beach in Dubai, but I didnt like it so much, its kind of weird, maybe because I went to the wrong one… other people already told me they went the beach of their hotels and they loved it…so I dont know, for now the beaches here are better, especially in Croatia 🙂 and you are really lucky to have the Australian beaches!! 🙂

  3. I have walked by that beach club in Nice but have never paid to get into one. Seems like it would be worth it for the chair alone! Love this post 🙂

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