5 Places I want to re-visit

 I didn’t fall in love with most of the places on this list when I visited for the first time. I’m not expecting to love every city or country I visit, but I think part of the reason I didn’t “get” it was to do with having not enough time, the weather, or other external factors in my life that didn’t really have anything to do with the destination.

There are dozens of cities I want to revisit. I’m deadset on moving to Paris in the next five years, Levanto is my idea of the perfect relaxing break and there is so much more I want to see in my favourite Italian city, Florence.

However, I’m more concerned with revisiting and getting a better understanding of places I’ve visited before and didn’t do justice.

Vasudha from Travel Defined nominated me to do this post and I’m so glad she did. It really made me think about my travel experiences and what I could do differently next time.

 1. Rome 

I’ve visited twice now, and I’m still not sold. I love the history, but can’t stand the historical centre, which is the only area I really got to see. My favourite experiences in Rome have been eating an enormous pizza, a pasta cooking class and visiting the creepiest thing I have ever seen – the crypt of the Capuchin Monks.

Public transport in Rome is very average, so it’s all too easy to stay in Centro Storico. Next time I want to visit the Trastevere, Testaccio and EUR neighbourhoods and do more locally-run walking tours – namely a food walking tour.

I want to see more of the real Rome before I decide it’s not for me.

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2. Germany 

I have lived my entire life in warm, sub-tropical Brisbane, so my idea of winter is needing to break out my jeans and a light jacket if it gets to 15 degrees. When I was in Germany, particularly Berlin, it was right before the cold snap in 2012 which made walking around painfully cold for this fish out of water. We only had one night in Munich, at a hotel way out of town, and the tour focused on visiting the Hofbrahaus, a beer hall. A great thing to do in Munich and I don’t regret visiting, but I hate beer.

I really want to visit Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt in warmer weather and on my own terms.

3. Greece 

I’ve been to Greece and I loved it. I visited Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Patmos, but I didn’t have enough time in each place. I was on a cruise when I visited the islands, which I probably wouldn’t recommend. I really didn’t understand how little time we’d have on the islands and it was frustrating that we couldn’t enjoy the nightlife (or even the evening!) on any of them. It was very rushed.

I would only do a cruise if my purpose was to lie on whatever beach they put in front of me. In the future, if I want to explore a city or island I will make sure I have at least a few nights there.

I also want to see a handful of other Greek islands and Meteora, on the mainland.


4. Venice 

Venice is unlike anywhere else in Italy, and not just because of the canals. Because it was a wealthy trading post between the East and West, the architecture is an intriguing fusion of two very different worlds. I’ve only visited Venice on day trips, and while this was the best option at the time, I would like to revisit Venice for a few days one time to see Murano, Burano and more of Venice’s historical and cultural attractions.


5. London

I’ll be blunt. My three visits to London have not really excited me. The highlights were Harrods with friends and watching my then six-year old brother lose his mind when a squirrel ate right out of his hand. Right now, I’d sum up my London experiences as wet, grey, cold, stressful and expensive.

Admittedly, the stress wasn’t London’s fault. It also wasn’t the city’s fault that I didn’t bring enough money. I’ve never spent more than two nights in a row in London, so I’ve been disoriented most of the time. I’ve always been either about to start a trip in Europe or fly home, save for one summer day trip from Paris. I swapped the sunny skies of Paris to shiver all day in a rainy London.


The craziest part? I kind of want to move to London, if only for a year while I’m in my twenties. Mostly because it’s an English speaking country where I can work in my field and have great access to Europe. But also because I know there is much, much more to discover.

I want to go back to London with more time and a better budget. There are a few major sights I haven’t visited, but if I could see just a couple I’d be happy to spend most of my time wandering around pretty neighbourhoods, eating much nicer food than I did last time and browsing markets.

London is too big a city to rush, so next time I’ll give it the time it deserves.

What cities or countries do you want to re-visit?

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14 thoughts on “5 Places I want to re-visit

  1. I usually divide places I visit into two groups: “okay” and “so great I definitely want to go back”. 🙂 But there is one place that didn’t quite get me: Paris. I had a great company of friends that I hadn’t seen for a while, I loved my time there, but I was expecting to be swept away by the city, which didn’t happen. So I feel I need to give it another shot. And go to the Disneyland.
    As for Rome, I visited it this September as part of my big Italian trip (also visited Naples, Amalfi coast, Florence, Siena, Venice and Milan), and I loved it instantly. It’s so strange for me to read what you just said about it, because I found it the most beautiful city in the world. Anyway, your impression might have to do with the fact you didn’t visit Trastevere (which I cannot believe, where did you eat then? 🙂 My path took me there every day because I know that’s also where the locals eat. And it’s great.) So you should definitely go back and go to Trastevere! Now I’m really curious if your impression would change. 🙂

    Wandering Polka Dot

    1. Hey! So sorry for the slow reply, only just saw this. That’s so interesting we had opposite reactions to both places! I found some nice places in Parioli where I was staying, but it was more modern, not the Rome I had pictured – I think that must be trastevere, I’d go back just to see that area!

  2. Even though I was just there in July, I’d love love LOVE to visit Greece again someday!! Santorini was the most magical place I’ve ever been to, and I’d really like to visit more of the islands. One day 🙂

    1. Yes me too – I was on a cruise, so I didn’t get to stay overnight on the islands which was a shame. I especially wanted to return to Santorini after I saw your post about the winery tour!

  3. Hey Genevieve. It’s always a conundrum for us to re-visit places, because there are lots of places we haven’t visited once. But, having said that:
    1. Xian, China – The Terra Cotta Warriors were incredible, as was the story of their creation.
    2. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings – We visited years ago and it still lingers in our minds.
    3. Iceland – We did a 3 day stopover and spent all our time in Reykjavik. The island looks fabulous and we need to return.
    4. Turkey – We focused on the west coast antiquities, and would love to go to Cappadocia.
    5. Laos – We spent a week in Luang Prabang, and want to see more of the country.

  4. I liked Rome the first time I went, but I hated it after my third and fourth visit. There are far better Italian cities with less tourists! Rome is not typical Italy. I personally think that Sicily and Puglia are the best Italian regions!

  5. Rome is definitely on my list of “I should really go see that city again before I declare I don’t like it” too. I went as part of a tour and maybe that was the problem? We got to see the big sights but were herded around to do so. I visited Florence in that same visit and I much preferred that over Rome. One day I’ll give it another shot.
    I’m so glad you’re willing to give London another try. That was a city that on my initial visit I didn’t fall for (unlike Paris that I just can’t get enough of!) but visits since have brought London WAY up the love list and now I write about it quite a bit and all the neat things there are to see and do.

    1. I was on a tour both times too! I think the “vibe” of Rome is much more masculine / aggressive / in your face than places like Florence, Venice or Paris. Just looking at your blog now, I LOVE the layout, so gorgeous!! Will check out your London posts 🙂

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