Boutique Hotel in Athens: Hotel Hermes

Athens is my favourite foreign city, after Paris, but it wasn’t love at first sight. My first nights in Athens were spent in a worn out hotel in a dodgy part of town. It looked okay by day but was seriously sketchy at night. Starting and ending every day feeling a little vulnerable around the hotel didn’t do much for my impression of the city. Luckily, after my Greek Island cruise I came back to Athens for one night before heading back to Australia.

This night made all the difference. In fact, this hotel made all the difference. It’s in a great spot and it doesn’t hurt that it was also the most modern hotel of my entire trip. I was already enamoured by Athens’ biggest drawcards, the Acropolis, Acropolis museum and the Plaka area, but it was in these last 24 hours that I spent wandering the city that I fell in love with Athens.

The right accommodation can make or break your relationship with a city. How you feel when you step out the door every day tints your perspective, particularly when you’re finished with the big tourist sights and are just wandering around.


Hotel Hermes: An affordable boutique hotel in Athens

Don’t be scared off by the name, Hotel Hermes is a modern boutique hotel in Athens, without the designer price tag. The boutique hotel has just 45 rooms and is located a short stroll from the Monastiraki Square, which is home to the fabulous Athens flea markets.

Monastiraka Square Athens

The Room

B&Bs are charming, but sometimes you just want to collapse in a spacious, modern hotel room, thick starchy sheets and all. Our room was filled with natural light, spacious and very clean and modern – the perfect accommodation to end a long trip in. The marble bathrooms were also beautiful, spacious by Europe’s standards, and the nicest of the trip. Exactly what I needed before 24 hours in transit to get back to Australia!

Boutique Hotel in Athens Hotel Hermes


I stayed in Athens twice, either side of a cruise through the Greek Islands. My first impression of Athens was not a great one, and a lot of it was because the first hotel we stayed in was in a really run down area. Hotel Hermes is in the Plaka area, which was one of the nicest parts of Athens that I saw. It’s close to shops, restaurants and Monastiraki Square. Staying in this neighbourhood gave me a totally different experience of Athens, and made all the difference!

Boutique Hotel in Athens Hotel Hermes


Hotel Hermes rates start at 60-80 Euros per night for the Economy Double or Twin Room. I stayed in one of these rooms, and it was the nicest hotel room of our trip!

Boutique Hotel in Athens Hotel Hermes


Athens is one of my favourite cities and I am definitely returning in the near future to spend longer in the city. I will definitely stay at Hotel Hermes next time I’m in town!

Have you been to Athens? Where have you stayed?


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  1. Yes, I have been to Athens! I went at around the same time as Santorini. Didn’t really enjoyed the stay, because the weather was overcast. But I still admired the ruins and architecture, so the trip wasn’t a huge disappointment. Apologies, but Paris is my favorite city over Athens. 😛

    But Hotel Hermes looks absolutely stunning! You’re lucky to have stay in such a lovely hotel. 🙂

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