Cosmos, Cupcakes & Carrie: NYC Sex & The City Tour

Despite achieving worldwide fame that spans countries and cultures, Sex & The City just wouldn’t be the same if it had been set anywhere else other than New York City.

Last week, I joined On Location Tours for the Sex & The City Hotspots Tour and saw more than 40 locations in New York which served as a location in the popular show. It’s the first tour I’ve done in New York, and was valuable not just for the SATC location hopping, but for touring Manhattan in general!

Cosmo NYC Sex and the City Tour |

We started the tour at the beautiful Pulitzer Fountain, which is between the Plaza Hotel and the Apple Store. I immediately recognised it as the location where Carrie delivers the “Your girl is lovely Hubble” line to Big, after his engagement party at The Plaza. We hopped on board, and met our wonderful guide Lou Matthews, who is an actress, singer and writer – as well as a kickass tour guide. I was very relieved to find our bus was a regular private coach, rather than the hot pink double decker bus I’d seen for a SATC tour on an episode of Newsroom,

Pulitzer Fountain NYC Sex and the City Tour |

Inside the bus there were screens for viewing clips from the show, as we drove past the relevant locations. I won’t share them all – there were too many! – but we did get to check out Buddakan, where Carrie & Big had their ill-fated rehearsal dinner, perused the store where Charlotte first encounters The Rabbit, sipped Cosmos in Steve & Aiden’s bar, saw Charlotte’s gallery and Carrie’s stoop, chowed down on delicious cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and saw tonnes of restaurants, parks, shops, hole in the wall cafes & pizza joints and bars which Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda frequented in the show.

Buddakan NYC Sex and the City Tour | NYC Sex and the City Tour |

My favourite stop was easily in West Village. We get a free Magnolia cupcake as part of the tour, and I’d already visited on my first day in New York, but this didn’t stop me dropping in for a take home box. Just around the corner is Carrie’s stoop, which is roped off by the owner – who lived there before the show even began!

 Mangnolia Bakery NYC Sex and the City Tour | www.thewanderbug.comMagnolia Bakery NYC Sex and the City Tour | www.thewanderbug.comMagnolia Bakery NYC Sex and the City Tour |

Our final stop at “Scout”, or Steve & Aidan’s Bar, is not actually called Scout, nor is it on Mulberry Street – it’s one block away, and the crew pinched the sign just for the scene which necessitated Carrie bringing a mulberry plant as a bar-warming gift. Back home I avoid saccharine sweet Cosmos, but the ones they dished up here were actually drinkable – delicious, in fact. I have a sneaking suspicion they might have made one or two before.

 NYC Sex and the City Tour | NYC Sex and the City Tour |

 NYC Sex and the City Tour |

As well as seeing dozens of locations from the show and movies, Lou kept us entertained with behind the scenes trivia and clips from the series while we drove around Manhattan.

The tour also gives you a voucher for 20% off Michael Kors’ at the Bleeker Street Boutique, a complimentary champagne or Cosmo at Buddakan and plenty of other perks – not to mention, very generous discounts on their other TV & movie location tours in New York & Boston.

If you’re a fan & visiting New York City, the tour is a super fun way to spend half a day and see lots of Manhattan while you’re at it. You can read more about the tour & book here.

 Magnolia Bakery NYC Sex and the City Tour |

A big thank you to On Location Tours for having me along on their fabulous SATC. Of course, all opinions are my own! If you’re reading about it on The Wanderbug, it means it’s something I’d recommend to my own friends and family – the praise doesn’t get much higher than that.

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