One Perfect Weekend in Melbourne

Last week, I got coffee with my little sister and her boyfriend’s family from Norway. They were only in Melbourne for a few days and were eager to tick off all the “must-do” sights. “What is the #1 thing you must do in Melbourne?” they asked. I came up blank. Where do you start? Melbourne is not a city with a few “must see” sights … Continue reading One Perfect Weekend in Melbourne

Where to eat and drink in Southbank, Melbourne

Melbourne’s Southbank promenade stretches along the Yarra River, shaded by pretty plane trees that change with the season. It’s dotted with street performers and knocks your socks off with stellar views of the most striking city in Australia. Yep, Southbank sounds like the perfect tourist trap. A victim of its own success, Southbank has a reputation for overpriced and unimaginative restaurants cashing in on the … Continue reading Where to eat and drink in Southbank, Melbourne

Quick Guide to Eating & Drinking in Hobart

Tasmania has built its reputation as a foodie destination on the back of hardworking salmon & oyster industries, distilleries and wineries. My first trip to the “Apple Isle” was to the capital, for a weekend of eating & drinking in Hobart. Salamanca Market The Salamanca Market is one of the biggest open-air markets in the world. Every Saturday, between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm, more than … Continue reading Quick Guide to Eating & Drinking in Hobart

Paris Arrondissement Guide

Paris is best explored by neighbourhood. The arrondissement / neighbourhood system can cause a lot of confusion, so I’ve summarised them below to make your trip to Paris a bit easier. Paris is divided into arrondissements, which are arranged a bit like a snail’s shell, working their way out from the centre of the city. Popular neighbourhoods often have blurry boundaries overlapping two arrondissements. For example, Montparnasse overlaps … Continue reading Paris Arrondissement Guide

La Defense Neighbourhood Guide | Paris

Wide boulevards, elegant stone buildings with gun-metal grey roofs and few buildings more than five or six stories tall. This is how we tend to think of Paris. It wasn’t until my third visit to Paris that I saw a different side to the City of Light. La Defense, technically outside the city’s limits, is Paris’ modern business district. Free of height restrictions, skyscrapers grow … Continue reading La Defense Neighbourhood Guide | Paris

50 things to do in Paris

Beautiful Paris offers endless possibilities for ways to spend your days, but if you need a little inspiration, look no further. This list of 50 things to do in Paris has ideas for first time visitors, and old hands alike. Tell me your suggestions in the comments!   Taste Paris’ best ice cream at Berthillon – best enjoyed on the banks of the Seine Take … Continue reading 50 things to do in Paris

Montparnasse Neighbourhood Guide

Montparnasse is my favourite neighbourhood in Paris. I stayed in Montparnasse while I was studying in Paris in 2012, but it wasn’t until the first night of our trip this year that I discovered this pretty, urban vista that perfectly encapsulates “Old Paris.” There is something special about Paris that makes everything align perfectly from any angle, keeping the city full of surprises. Montparnasse is … Continue reading Montparnasse Neighbourhood Guide