Sunday Stories 18.01.15

This week has been a blur of flights, apartment hunting and catch up with friends – busy but exciting! Next week will be just as full of last-minute catch ups, but with most of our apartment stuff sorted, I’ll have time for travel blog posts – so that this doesn’t start looking more like a diary than a travel blog! Melbourne My boyfriend and I … Continue reading Sunday Stories 18.01.15

Sunday Stories 11.01.15

January’s been serving up healthy doses of the good life, with a few thrills and spills to keep things interesting. Beach Break I was lucky enough to spend a few days with my family and boyfriend on Bribie Island, at a quiet little beach town. Our days revolved around the water. We went for swims in the morning, followed by a dip in the pool. … Continue reading Sunday Stories 11.01.15

18 Awesome Day Trips from Brisbane

Yep, 18. Brisbane is spoilt for choice with stunning day trip options – you won’t believe #18! If you’re visiting for the first time and on a time limit, I’d recommend minimum two days in Brisbane and one or two of these easy day trips – the hard part will be choosing which ones! For things to do while you’re in Queensland‘s capital, check out … Continue reading 18 Awesome Day Trips from Brisbane

Cowch Cocktail & Dessert Bar, Brisbane

Brisbane’s South Bank precinct has attracted a number of haunts for your sweet tooth over the last couple of years, but none are as easy on the eyes (or tastebuds) as South Bank’s latest addition, Cowch Cocktail & Dessert Bar. It’s been on my list to try since it opened and when the sugar cravings hit (hard) this afternoon at the South Bank sushi train, I … Continue reading Cowch Cocktail & Dessert Bar, Brisbane

Photo of Brisbane Queensland

One Perfect Day in Brisbane

Recently voted the coolest city in Australia by Lonely Planet, Brisbane is attracting more visitors than ever. I hope you’ll be one of them. But once you get here, what should you do in Queensland’s capital? Brisbane is one of those cities which isn’t about staring at a famous building for a minute, taking a few cheesy photos and shuffling along among the crowds. Brisbane … Continue reading One Perfect Day in Brisbane

Goma Brisbane

2 for 1: Cai Guo-Qiang & California Design at QAGOMA

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is the most visited art gallery in Australia for a reason. Every major exhibition held there goes the extra mile to stun audiences into thinking a little deeper. In my opinion, since it’s opening in  2006 it’s also encouraged the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) next door to lift its game. It’s situated in the heart of the Queensland‘s … Continue reading 2 for 1: Cai Guo-Qiang & California Design at QAGOMA