The Great Escape: 4 Days in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Stressed? Burnt out? Bogged down in the winter blues? Prescribe yourself an extra long weekend in Queensland. In four days, I got the dose of sunshine, blue skies and blessed humidity that I’ve been missing in chilly, drizzly Melbourne. Before last weekend, I’d never considered squeezing in time in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in one trip. When friends from Melbourne asked … Continue reading The Great Escape: 4 Days in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Cape Tribulation Queensland

37 Photos that will inspire you to explore Queensland

Queensland has more than its fair share of natural beauty. It’s famous for UNESCO World Heritage List heavyweights like the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest but it doesn’t stop there. There are scores of lesser-known islands and beaches just as worthy of your time. There are endless options for driving and hiking trails through rainforests and up mountains.  The stark beauty of the … Continue reading 37 Photos that will inspire you to explore Queensland

Skypoint Gold Coast Surfers Paradise

Skypoint: The best views of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is built on a long, narrow stretch of beach, backing onto a vast network of canals. It’s a little like a sunny Venice, but instead of being lined with colourful, crumbling buildings it’s lined with multi-million dollar mansions. In place of the man-powered gondolas, motorboats and jet skis zip through the canals. You don’t really realise the city’s unique geography, until you … Continue reading Skypoint: The best views of the Gold Coast

Sunday Stories 25.01.15

This week has been full, in the best possible way. I’ve spent heaps of time with family and friends, and more often than not this has involved great food. Despite all the eating out, easily the best meal of the week was the lunch Dad made on Wednesday when one of his work friends came over. Melbourne This time next week, I will be in … Continue reading Sunday Stories 25.01.15

Sunday Stories 11.01.15

January’s been serving up healthy doses of the good life, with a few thrills and spills to keep things interesting. A happy year is made of a thousand little happy moments. To help me be mindful of and remember the little things that will make 2015 great, I’m giving them some space and reflection time here on Wanderbug. Spending some time each Sunday processing the … Continue reading Sunday Stories 11.01.15

18 Awesome Day Trips from Brisbane

Yep, 18. Brisbane is spoilt for choice with stunning day trip options – you won’t believe #18! If you’re visiting for the first time and on a time limit, I’d recommend minimum two days in Brisbane and one or two of these easy day trips – the hard part will be choosing which ones! For things to do while you’re in Brisbane, check out my … Continue reading 18 Awesome Day Trips from Brisbane