NGV Free Exhibition

5 Free Exhibitions to See Now at the NGV, Melbourne

It’s not often that you find a world class art gallery that’s as easy to visit as the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Melbourne’s  fortress-like art museum has free entry and only charges admission for the annual summer blockbuster and winter masterpieces exhibitions. The NGV is the oldest major art gallery in Australia, founded before Australia as a nation even existed. The 2017 Winter Masterpieces … Continue reading 5 Free Exhibitions to See Now at the NGV, Melbourne

Sunday Stories 03.07.16

My boyfriend and I almost spent the weekend in Sydney, but I’m so glad we decided to stay in Melbourne instead. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve both been in town on the weekend and given that we don’t see much of each other during the week, I was really excited to have a relaxing weekend wandering around Melbourne. Drinking: French bubbles by Belaire My … Continue reading Sunday Stories 03.07.16

Autumn leaves South Melbourne

Notes from a Winter Weekend in Melbourne

I had a particularly busy weekend this weekend, and despite feeling a bit like I just burned through money all weekend long it was nice to bounce from one activity to another, giving me plenty of excuses to get out of the house. One of the biggest challenges of living in Melbourne (apart from the brutal winter winds) is that there is always so much to do! … Continue reading Notes from a Winter Weekend in Melbourne

Healthy Brunch in St Kilda, Melbourne

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d wait 30+ minutes for brunch at a vegan cafe, I would have choked on my poached eggs. I’m pretty dependent on a classic flat white + poached eggs + avocado combo on a Saturday morning, but I was rewarded when we branched out for a super healthy brunch in St Kilda at Matcha Mylk Cafe on … Continue reading Healthy Brunch in St Kilda, Melbourne

Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens in Autumn

Postcards from Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens (in Autumn)

Melbourne’s enjoying a long, crisp Autumn this year, which is a relief as I’ve been dreading winter since last spring. I’ve been making the most of the milder weather, spending as much time outdoors as possible on the weekends. The Royal Botanic Gardens stretch from Southbank to South Yarra, along the Yarra River. A couple of weekends ago, we went for a big walk through the … Continue reading Postcards from Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens (in Autumn)

Richmond Melbourne

Sunday Stories 17.04.16

This week has been pretty low-key, as I’m still a little bit under the weather, but it still has been dotted with interesting projects and happy moments all the same. Favourite moments include wandering around Richmond with my boyfriend, checking out pretty flowers at the markets and seeing this elephant zipping down Church Street. Pillar of Salt New favourite brunch spot! Pillar of Salt is often … Continue reading Sunday Stories 17.04.16