Stay in Levanto: Villa Clelia B&B

As regular readers of this blog will know, it’s my mission to have the most beautiful travel experiences I can afford without breaking the bank (or roughing it). Villa Clelia is the epitome of this philosophy and I wish I had stayed here longer – I will definitely be back. It really makes such a difference to your holiday when you feel welcome at your accommodation and Villa … Continue reading Stay in Levanto: Villa Clelia B&B

Itinerary: 2 weeks in Italy

Planning an itinerary for two weeks in Italy is exciting and overwhelming. Where do you start? In the north, the fashion & finance powerhouse of Milan, the sinking canals of Venice and the bright villages of Cinque Terre each demand attention. The olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany, the streets of Florence oozing Renaissance splendour and the fine foods of Emilia-Romagna tempt travellers in the … Continue reading Itinerary: 2 weeks in Italy

Top 5 Travel Experiences 2013

In 2013 I had an amazing five-week holiday with my best friend around France, Greece, Italy & Turkey. What a way to celebrate graduating from uni! I felt like most of 2013 was spent head down, bum up, as I finished my final semester of university, planned the trip and worked two jobs so I could afford to go. Of course, all of this added to … Continue reading Top 5 Travel Experiences 2013

24 Hours to win a trip to Cinque Terre

Dazzling Cinque Terre was one of my major trip highlights last summer and I would return in an instant (sans $2000 airfare!). The five hamlets of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso, Manarola and Corniglia each have their own signature laid-back vibe and are unmissable destinations on the Ligurian coast. I’d love to re-visit Monterosso’s sparkling water and beach, Vernazza’s gorgeous little harbour and delicious pizzas, Riomaggiore’s festive … Continue reading 24 Hours to win a trip to Cinque Terre

Escape the Cinque Terre crowds in Levanto

I don’t know why we decided to stay in Levanto, rather than a Cinque Terre town, but I’m so glad we did. I fell in love with this peaceful seaside village quite by mistake. In fact, when we arrived with no map and not a clue of which direction to go in, I questioned why I decided to go to Levanto in the first place. … Continue reading Escape the Cinque Terre crowds in Levanto

Eating in Italy: Breakfast

Breakfast may be the first “meal” of the day in Italy but unlike at home, it isn’t the most important. A typical Italian breakfast is a coffee and a cigarette, and maybe a cornetti, cannoli, crostata, sfogli or some other kind of sweet pastry. In stark contrast to every other meal which seems to be a slow, pleasurable sit-down affair, breakfast is a quick pit … Continue reading Eating in Italy: Breakfast