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Where to eat and drink in New Orleans

New Orleans is famed for it’s complex, flavourful regional cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Eating and drinking in the city was an exploration of several layers of foreign cuisines at every meal – American, Southern, Cajun and Creole. Despite having a few must-try iconic New Orleans dishes on my to do list, I didn’t really have a list of particular cafes, bars or restaurants I wanted to … Continue reading Where to eat and drink in New Orleans

Bright buildings in New Orleans

Top 5 Travel Experiences 2015

Every year I like to look back and choose my top 5 travel experiences that defined the year. Last year, it was more about “big” experiences like seeing the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest and the best beach in Australia. Looking back, the experiences that stood out the most for me this year had more to do with time spent wandering and little discoveries, … Continue reading Top 5 Travel Experiences 2015

Recap: 2 Months in the USA

I’m back in Australia! As you’ll have seen if you follow the blog or my Instagram account, I’ve spent the last 2 months in the USA! I didn’t post too much while I was away, mostly because I was too busy exploring, gawking and eating to spend too much time glued to a screen. I took notes most days, but didn’t get much further than that! … Continue reading Recap: 2 Months in the USA