Best Brunch in South Melbourne

Where to Find The Best Brunch in South Melbourne

South Melbourne is seriously spoiled when it comes to eating and drinking, with more than its fair share of cafes, tiny owner-operated restaurants, specialty wine stores and old world pubs. At the centre of it all is the famous South Melbourne Market, full of fresh produce and street food. After living in the area for two years I’ve definitely put the cafe scene through its … Continue reading Where to Find The Best Brunch in South Melbourne

Autumn leaves South Melbourne

Notes from a Winter Weekend in Melbourne

I had a particularly busy weekend this weekend, and despite feeling a bit like I just burned through money all weekend long it was nice to bounce from one activity to another, giving me plenty of excuses to get out of the house. One of the biggest challenges of living in Melbourne (apart from the brutal winter winds) is that there is always so much to do! … Continue reading Notes from a Winter Weekend in Melbourne

Seagull Yarra River Skyline Melbourne

Sunday Stories 10.01.16

I’m back in Melbourne this week, after an extended break in Brisbane over Christmas and New Years. I’m loving getting back into the swing of things! My planned DSLR dates (just me & my camera!) were waylaid by some back issues, so it’s iPhone-only this week! Test driving ClassPass I signed up to ClassPass this week, to take advantage of an introductory offer – $149 … Continue reading Sunday Stories 10.01.16

Flowers in Fitzroy Gardens

Sunday Stories 25.10.15

I didn’t realise how useful this series was until I arrived home in Melbourne this week and had a complete mental blank about my favourite restaurants, bars and cafes. I browsed through some old Sunday Stories posts while making a mental note to eat more omega-3s, and not only was I pleasantly surprised by the yummy, lovely places I used to love, but by the … Continue reading Sunday Stories 25.10.15

Chew with a view: Nyshry at South Melbourne Beach

After a bitterly cold week, including the coldest morning in Melbourne in EIGHTEEN YEARS, Melbourne turned on the charm and worked its way back into my good books. My sister was in town (big yay!), so we met our uncles Matt & Thomas for lunch on South Melbourne Beach. It was still cold, but it was so much more bearable under beautiful blue skies! South Melbourne Beach … Continue reading Chew with a view: Nyshry at South Melbourne Beach