Paris Cooking Class: L’Atelier des Chefs

Part reward, part an opportunity to put our French to the test, when I was studying in Paris, my French teacher took our whole class to L’Atelier des Chefs. It is one of my favourite experiences from the trip because it was an unusual experience that I didn’t expect to have, and because I love cooking.
Atelier des Chefs Cooking Class Paris
The class was conducted in  French, but luckily the demonstrations were enough that we could fill the gaps where our French was lacking. Chopping, slicing and dicing, we made little towers of salmon and fresh vegetables, with a topping of crème fraiche, a salad and a sauce.

Atelier des Chefs cooking class in Paris

As it was fresh food that I had prepared myself from start to finish, I had no qualms about eating it. Some of my friends however, didn’t like it.  I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t like fish, I can’t understand why – I love it!
Atelier des Chefs Cooking Class in Paris

I eat fish for breakfast and would eat salmon every day if I could. I love raw salmon, partly because it is exceptionally good for me but I also just love the fresh, smooth taste. Combined with cucumber and other fresh vegetables, the little stacks were light, fresh, tasy and very healthy. The crème fraiche on top was a nice touch, and in true French style the salad consisted of little more than lettuce leaves. I don’t really like lettuce, so I stuck to my salmon tower!

Atelier des Chefs Cooking Class in Paris

The shop front is worth a visit for the recipe books and utensils alone. I knew I wouldn’t have room in my suitcase for cool cooking gadgets, but I did pick up a cocktail recipe book and a macaron cookbook for a friend, who loves Paris and cooking ( a bit of a kindred spirit there). It was the fourth cookbook I brought home from Paris – in the Louis Vuitton store I found the Laduree cookbook, which is gorgeous, and two much cheaper cookbooks which I picked up from the check out at the grocery store.

Cookbooks from Paris

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5 thoughts on “Paris Cooking Class: L’Atelier des Chefs

  1. A cooking class is a great way to meet locals and take home a souvenir in the form of new skills and recipes. What a cool experience.

    Raw salmon is my preferred choice as well – I am not too keen on it when it is cooked but I do like smoked or candied.

    Very cool post!

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