Shoe shopping in the Marais, Paris

We were eating Berthillon ice cream on Ile Saint Louis when C’s blisters made her reach breaking point. We swapped shoes and hobbled to the nearest department store, BHV on the edge of the Marais. BHV is one of Paris’ most historic department stores and is worth a look if you’re in the area. Paris is spoilt for beautiful department stores and for me, Galerie Lafayette with its gorgeous stained glass dome and Printemps with its endless lingerie department take the cake, but BHV is still very beautiful.

Shoe shopping in the marais paris

Chloe was meant to be buying new shoes, but it was I who walked out with a new shopping bag. Whoops! I don’t think I’ve ever left Paris without new shoes, the temptation in that city is always too much! I convinced myself they were quite a bargain, until I realised my jet-lagged brain had forgotten to take into account the awful Euro- Australian Dollar exchange rate. Oh well, I regret nothing!

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