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Skypoint: The best views of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is built on a long, narrow stretch of beach, backing onto a vast network of canals. It’s a little like a sunny Venice, but instead of being lined with colourful, crumbling buildings it’s lined with multi-million dollar mansions. In place of the man-powered gondolas, motorboats and jet skis zip through the canals.

View over Surfers Paradise from Skypoint, Gold Coast

You don’t really realise the city’s unique geography, until you can get a birds-eye view. I’d been visiting the Gold Coast since I was a child, and I was still blown away by the view from the Skypoint Observation Deck on Level 77 of the Q1 tower.

View over Surfers Paradise from Skypoint, Gold Coast

We spent over an hour drinking in the 360 degree views along the Queensland coastline on our first visit, and have returned since. There’s a bar and restaurant up there, so my tip to get the most bang for your buck is to go up in the afternoon, stay for a drink as the sun sets and leave after you take in the spectacular views over the city as it lights up after dark.

Skypoint, Gold Coast Skypoint, Gold Coast Skypoint, Gold Coast

It’s $29 per adult, which is a little steep, but the good news is that you can then return for free, for the rest of the year.

Even if you know you’re not coming back to the Gold Coast, I’d seriously recommend forking out for a Skypoint ticket, for views quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

Have you been to an observation deck? 

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