Autumn leaves South Melbourne

Notes from a Winter Weekend in Melbourne

I had a particularly busy weekend this weekend, and despite feeling a bit like I just burned through money all weekend long it was nice to bounce from one activity to another, giving me plenty of excuses to get out of the house. One of the biggest challenges of living in Melbourne (apart from the brutal winter winds) is that there is always so much to do!

Smithward Wine Bar, Fitzroy

During the week, I met my uncles and their friends at Smithward in Fitzroy, to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. The cosy wine bar has a 100% Australian wine list and offers raclette, an indulgent Swiss dish which is basically roasted potatoes smothered in melted cheese fresh off the wheel. Heaven.

Smithward Wine Bar Fitzroy Smithward Wine Bar Fitzroy

Yoke Yoga, South Melbourne

On a healthier evening, I tried out a new studio using ClassPass. Yoke Yoga is a beautiful, Japanese-inspired studio in South Melbourne. The teacher was very warm and welcoming and the class seemed to have a very community-oriented vibe. I kind of like to chill out on the mat, so being so close to other students and being encouraged to work in pairs for part of the class didn’t suit me as much as more individually-focused classes, like at Humming Puppy. If you’re looking for a class where you feel part of the group though, Yoke would be ideal.

Yoke Yoga South Melbourne

Private Dining at Spring Street Grocer

On Friday night, I met my boyfriend, his colleagues and their partners for dinner in the private dining room at Spring Street Grocer. The underground dining room is beside the cheese maturation cellar, which stocks one of Australia’s best cheese selections. Naturally, the final course were decadent cheese boards in place of a sweet dessert!

Brunch at Chez Dre, South Melbourne

We got home in the early hours of Saturday morning, so the rest of Saturday was pretty quiet. I had brunch at Chez Dre with a new friend who is new to Melbourne, who used to live in Charleston – one of my favourite small towns!

More Brunch: Deadman Espresso, South Melbourne 

I had a massive sleep in on Sunday, leaving just enough time to go for coffee and a light breakfast at Deadman Espresso in South Melbourne before my yoga class at Humming Puppy, in Prahran. Deadman Espresso has some of the best coffee in Melbourne, and to my surprise, one of the best bircher mueslis too! The muesli was actually my boyfriend’s, but luckily for me he’s good at sharing.

Deadman Espresso South Melbourne

On the walk there, I noticed these beautiful fiery-red trees. The temperature really dropped this week and it seems that it triggered these beautiful trees to burst into bright red foliage. A fair trade, in my opinion!

Autumn leaves in Melbourne Autumn leaves in Melbourne Autumn leaves in Melbourne Autumn leaves in Melbourne

Yoga at Humming Puppy, Prahran

Humming Puppy is a gorgeous yoga studio in Prahran that inspires a cult-like following, so it’s very hard to get into classes these days. I could only get into a Mellow Hum, which is their easiest class. I haven’t been to yoga in a while, so it was a gentle re-introduction to the practice. I ran into one of my boyfriend’s colleagues and his girlfriend at the class, so I’m going to try and convince my boyfriend to try a class – wish me luck!

Humming Puppy Prahran

O’Connell’s, South Melbourne

After yoga, I met my boyfriend in South Melbourne again, to go for a drink at O’Connell’s. It’s a few blocks away from the main thoroughfare of Clarendon Street, so the crowd seemed mostly like regulars. Most of the customers seemed to know the bar staff and to run into friends. It’s a very cosy, elegant pub with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Definitely a nice spot to hole up with a cider and some of their delicious onion rings on a drizzly Sunday afternoon!

O'Connell's South Melbourne South Melbourne

Pho at Pho A Go Go, South Melbourne

On our way home we stopped for pho at Pho a Go Go, a charming family-run restaurant on Clarendon Street. The fragrant, steaming-hot broth kept us warm on the whole walk home. It was the perfect way to cap off a weekend spent mostly in my own neighbourhood.

Pho a go go South Melbourne

What are your favourite ways to stay warm in winter in Melbourne?

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