Dominique Portet Winery Yarra Valley

Wine-ing down in the Yarra Valley

Melbourne’s had some uncharacteristically pleasant weather lately, so I’m trying to make the most of it with as many weekend road trips around the state as possible. Both my boyfriend and I have pretty stressful jobs at the moment and with a long weekend along the Great Ocean Road on the cards already, we decided to make the most of the sunshine with a change … Continue reading Wine-ing down in the Yarra Valley

Sorrento Beach Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Day Trip from Melbourne: Wine & Sunshine on the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula has won the geographical lottery. Fringed with beaches and filled with wineries, the peninsula is quickly becoming my favourite destination for day trips from Melbourne. When I started planning a weekend away on the Mornington Peninsula with my boyfriend and our friends; Bianca, Chris, Julie and Michael, I was envisioning a weekend spent between the waves and wineries. I was brought crashing … Continue reading Day Trip from Melbourne: Wine & Sunshine on the Mornington Peninsula

Airbnb The Loft the Dandenongs

Stay in the Dandenongs: An Dreamy AirBnB Loft & Spa

Airbnb is a poster child for the sharing economy and has shaken up the travel industry. After working for a state tourism department during university, I was on the fence about Airbnb. I was curious about the affordable, beautiful rooms and apartments available but wondered what sort of impact  they’d have on local businesses, feeling that I should be supporting people who put their heart and … Continue reading Stay in the Dandenongs: An Dreamy AirBnB Loft & Spa

Sunday Stories 03.07.16

My boyfriend and I almost spent the weekend in Sydney, but I’m so glad we decided to stay in Melbourne instead. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve both been in town on the weekend and given that we don’t see much of each other during the week, I was really excited to have a relaxing weekend wandering around Melbourne. Drinking: French bubbles by Belaire My … Continue reading Sunday Stories 03.07.16

Heathcote Goldfields Victoria

A Day in the Goldfields for Heathcote on Show

I strongly advise against staying out till the early hours of the morning the night before you go wine tasting. Poor life choices and dusty heads aside, my friend Liv and I still had a great day driving around the Goldfields on Saturday. Our plan was to visit wineries in Heathcote, for the Heathcote on Show festival, have lunch at Mason’s in nearby Bendigo and … Continue reading A Day in the Goldfields for Heathcote on Show

Autumn leaves South Melbourne

Sunday Stories 05.06.15

During the week, I met my uncles and their friends at Smithward in Fitzroy, to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. The cosy wine bar has a 100% Australin wine list and offers raclette, an indulgent Swiss dish which is basically melted cheese fresh off the wheel, smothering roast potatoes and other vegetables. On a healthier evening, I tried out a new studio using ClassPass. Yoke Yoga … Continue reading Sunday Stories 05.06.15

Healthy Brunch in St Kilda

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d wait 30+ minutes for brunch at a vegan cafe, I would have choked on my poached eggs. I’m pretty dependent on a classic flat white + poached eggs + avocado combo on a Saturday morning, but I was rewarded when we branched out for a super healthy brunch in St Kilda at Matcha Mylk Cafe on … Continue reading Healthy Brunch in St Kilda